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for Intelligent, Creative, Empathic Women

 Mastering your energy and emotions to create success in your
relationships, finance,
career, and health

It is possible. Today, I know how to care for myself, let go of my negative programming and claim the joy of my powers of intuition, compassion and sensitivity.

If you are ready to learn about the Bootcamp and how your life can change for the better, book a complimentary 30-minute Empath Empowerment Call by booking on the menu above.

Once booked, you will receive my comprehensive quiz to find out how much you share with other sensitive people. Book today and be on the road to better relationships, a fulfilling career, improved finances, and vibrant health.

You Were Born to Love and Create Positive Change

When you use the 7 practices of gratitude, self-acceptance, realization, belief in your intuitive knowing, deep commitment, frequent practice, and communicating with power, you will create an automatic system that puts you in the flow of what you have yet to dream about.


Deep belief change from shame to self-love

Acting from self-forgiveness and self-acceptance

Conscious Communication

The three areas of empowerment combined with the 7 Practices of Healing create an authentic confident mindset that supports your ability to manifest your best life and your most authentic desires. This is a masterful approach that will ground your authentic life.

The Benefits of True Heart Training

  • Living your authentic life every day

  • A rock-solid trust in yourself

  • Deep trust in life and yourself

  • Deeper friendships and intimate relationships

  • A career that expresses your purpose

  • The ability to be healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally


Who is Diana Hartley?

Life Coach and Educator for Sensitive Women

I have taken a lifetime to accept and trust myself as a sensitive person with empathic powers. It is the most powerful path that I have ever walked because it is truly my gift, talent, and purpose.

I have worked with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard as a communication trainer. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication/Radio and Television from San Francisco State University and a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have also been a management and marketing consultant, and public relations advisor. I believe that Internal and external communication is the lifeblood of connection, change, and power. This is where we will begin.

I am doing much of my work now using the model of a  Bootcamp, where we sensitives are turned into disciplined and confident human beings. That's my dream for you, The many, the proud, and the mightly."


We are not powder puffs. We are brilliant, creative, intuitive women ready to support each other with keen perceptions and accurate decision-making, both personally and professionally. This is the next stage of non-violence power. We use our perception and energy to transform destruction into construction, revolution into evolution, and cruelty into love.


Get your boots on the ground and walk!

When you make the commitment to turn your sensitivity into your superpower

you will finally find the strength to live as you desire.


Featured on the
Focus on Why podcast with Amy Rowlinson

Be the captain of your own mind. Make better decisions when you know exactly who you are.

Depend on your heart and your mind to give you the information that makes you feel safe, loved and capable.

Imagine living life from the insights, intuition and compassion that are your superpowers?

We will challenge your most negative beliefs picked up from the world as we discover your buried talents, gifts and joy. I will be your trusted mentor guiding you to the right tools at the right time to safely unravel your false identity. I will help you find  the truth of you while learning how to communicate effectively to the outside world. Your power has always been inside of you.

Private Sessions

Therapy Office

​ Once you understand the neurological facts and the historical misperceptions of sensitive people, you will learn to believe in yourself, building up core strengths and confidence by learning to trust yourself, your intuition and your beautiful heart. Each step to your inner independence will be taken with humor, grace and respect as you build life long skills.

​Empowerment Classes


Heart-based masterminds are a special place where you can create long-term relationships with like-minded friends. Together we will explore specific common challenges and how to handle them. Eventually, I want to have each group stay together long enough to create projects that help the world. These masterminds are a place for support and the celebration of victories and personal power.

A Community of Support


Corporate sessions address individuals who seem shy or sensitive and are unable to live up to their leadership potential. They are valuable members of the organizations who need special coaching to understand their sensitivity, let go of programmed fears to feel safe to express their ideas.

Corporate Sessions

Tall Buildings


"Diana uses her intuitive skills, vast knowledge, communication and culture understand to help individuals clarify their talents and skills. Her kindness and passion help people see their blind spots to reach their highest potential."

Jan Sola Ph.D.

"Diana is at once a visionary and a logical thinker. She has a way of putting things together in ways that are both revolutionary and eye opening."

Brian Lewis Ph.D

"I was Diana’s client for years. Not only did she improve my business, but she helped me transform myself into a more aware, authentic and happy person."

Dr. Mark Luttrell, Randolph Vermont



This is the strong woman who lives inside you and can guide you on your path to happiness. This is your true heart, standing tall overlooking the outside world knowing that you've got this-in good times and not so good. You are safe, confident, and peaceful because you have trained your superpowers to be your eyes and ears to the outside world. You can trust yourself always.

The HeartMath Experience


"When I feel like I don't belong in this world it's because I was born to create a new one." Let's do it together.

Adriana Perisa

The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People


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