You are an empath or a highly sensitive person.
My mission is to help you to turn on your superpowers by turning off the negatives you were taught replacing them
with the truth of who you truly are. Come with me to find
your path to your truest dreams.
You are strong and powerful.

The True Heart Training Program for Individual and Organizational Success

Is your highly sensitive nature getting in the way of your success? To answer this, take the sensitivity test. It will tell you if you are an empath or a highly sensitive person. If so, the benefits of this program will help you believe in yourself and change undesirable circumstances and insecurity.


*Reduce Stress * Stay Balanced * Be an effective communicator* Improved all relationships * Increased effectiveness at work * Learn to use your insight and intuition to increase positive results * Shine as the leader you can be *Have the courage to express your potential personally and professionally.


Build your heart-centered mental muscles with this program. It will teach you how to go from your head to your heart for insights, intuition, and good decision-making.

As 20% of the population, both men and women, are empaths and highly sensitive people learned to model the other 80% of humanity. It is not our way. Because of this, they haven't felt that they fit in, have been overwhelmed with too much stimulus with our highly sensitive nervous systems. The truth is we can learn to feel comfortable as empaths when we learn skills to manage our bodies and minds and communicate effectively to tell others what we need.



Diana Joy Hartley

Advocate and Coach for Empaths

My background includes years of training, coaching, and consulting. I have worked with such companies as Apple, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard. I joined Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth, as a management consultant, and trained presentation skills around the world for Decker Communications. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication/Radio and Television from San Francisco State University and a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I believe that sensitive people know their potential but have had their confidence sideswiped by people telling them that they are too sensitive or dramatic. Their gifts have gone unrecognized because they don't know what their gifts are and often go unrecognized by the majority of people. Unless supported early on, they stand alone sometimes bursting with loneliness waiting for recognition and support.  They think they are misfits but 20% of the population are empaths and sensitives which is a big number. I had no idea I was an empath until books began to be published about ten years ago that showed me that I was part of a very special group of people capable of great empathy, compassion, and service.

Being an empath is not easy but I know that living from our hearts helps create happy, successful, and valuable people. Once you understand that your sensitivity is a great gift, not only to you but for everyone you interact with. Life can open up to great possibilities.

I am proud to be an empath.  I am proud to teach love. It is not a common path but it is a safe and productive one if you continue to practice it. You will learn tools and insights but that is what True Heart Training is here to teach you.

Come join me as I help sensitive people thrive by learning the gifts of the heart and soul.



It is possible to be a sensitive person and live with great success in this world.

Your commitment to self-discovery and your practices will be your passport to a happier life.


Featured on the
Focus on Why podcast with Amy Rowlinson

Train Your Mind For Self Love

Don't you want to turn your fears into love and self-confidence? Haven't you been secretly afraid that you are a misfit and don't understand why you are different?  With a little self-compassion, knowledge, and practice, you can overcome the challenges of life with the confidence to share your dreams with the world. You rock! You really do rock!

Empowering Classes

​Would you like to learn how to be confident as an empath? True Heart Training will teach you to value the beauty of your sensitivity instead of the feeling that it's a burden. You will learn to depend on your inner guidance for safety, success, and strength. This is the best gift you can give yourself.

Corporate Training

In a time when there is a great shift in the workforce and some of your best employees are leaving, build resilience into your organization by recognizing your most sensitive people, their loyalty, and their potential gifts that are going unrecognized. Discover who they are and how to support their excellence, potential, and leadership.

We will challenge your most negative beliefs picked up from the world as we discover your buried talents, gifts and joy. I will be your trusted mentor guiding you to the right tools at the right time to safely unravel your false identity. I will help you find  the truth of you while learning how to communicate effectively to the outside world. Your power has always been inside of you.

Private Sessions

Therapy Office

​ Once you understand the neurological facts and the historical misperceptions of sensitive people, you will learn to believe in yourself, building up core strengths and confidence by learning to trust yourself, your intuition and your beautiful heart. Each step to your inner independence will be taken with humor, grace and respect as you build life long skills.

​Empowerment Classes


Heart-based masterminds are a special place where you can create long-term relationships with like-minded friends. Together we will explore specific common challenges and how to handle them. Eventually, I want to have each group stay together long enough to create projects that help the world. These masterminds are a place for support and the celebration of victories and personal power.

A Community of Support


Corporate sessions address individuals who seem shy or sensitive and are unable to live up to their leadership potential. They are valuable members of the organizations who need special coaching to understand their sensitivity, let go of programmed fears to feel safe to express their ideas.

Corporate Sessions

Tall Buildings


"Diana uses her intuitive skills, vast knowledge, communication and culture understand to help individuals clarify their talents and skills. Her kindness and passion help people see their blind spots to reach their highest potential."

Jan Sola Ph.D.

"Diana is at once a visionary and a logical thinker. She has a way of putting things together in ways that are both revolutionary and eye opening."

Brian Lewis Ph.D

"I was Diana’s client for years. Not only did she improve my business, but she helped me transform myself into a more aware, authentic and happy person."

Dr. Mark Luttrell, Randolph Vermont



Say hello to the strong person within who can guide you to your best choices. This is your heart, standing tall overlooking the outside world and knowing that it will always give you what you need to feel safe, confident and peaceful in the moment.

The HeartMath Experience

The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People


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"When I feel like I don't belong in this world it's because I was born to create a new one."

Adriana Perisa