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The True Heart Training program gives you the
confidence and skill to create your best life.

You are a great success, already.
You are a well-liked, intelligent force of nature,
but you have this hole inside of you that you
haven't been able to fill with success, adventure, or love.
Learning the treasures of living from your true self will fill
that hole and giving you a more fulfilling life.

Learn how to go from limited thinking to creative
thinking inside you that you didn't even know you could tap.
You will finally feel an aliveness you have been
seeking outside of you. You can be guided by your heart
and use your intellect for more practical thinking.

I am a mentor to sensitive, successful mid-career professional women
who are ready to access their hidden potential for better relationships, finance
and health from the inside out.

Book a complimentary time together by going to the Book-Here tab.
I can't wait for you to show you how to live from inner guidance.
Takethe quiz below to see if you are one of the brilliant, sensitive

How do you want to follow love instead of fear?

To return you to a place of safety, confidence, and self-awareness that provides

fulfillment, internal guidance for life decisions, relationships, the best health

and desired reward.

To act from awareness of your true self instead of triggers or repressed

desires. To have the skills to turn to your inner wisdom for

guidance, peace of mind, and creative solutions. Act from a place of self-love

not the demands of the outer world. Live from your heart, soul, and spirit

Who is the True Heart Training program for?

Sensitive, successful women who have been in the workforce for years

who have demanding work, busy home lives, and stresses that might

cause relationship problems, stress-related illness,

insecurity and imposter syndrome.


Who is Diana Hartley?



Mentor to Successful, Sensitive Women

I have taken a lifetime to accept and trust myself as a sensitive person with empathic powers. It is the most powerful path that I have ever walked because it is truly created from my gifts, talents, and purpose. I can guide you to let go of your To Do lists and schedules and breathe into what your spirit and soul have for you without effort and without undo stress.

I have worked with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard as a communication trainer. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communication/Radio and Television from San Francisco State University and a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have also been a management and marketing consultant, and public relations, advisor. I believe that Internal and external communication is the lifeblood of connection, change, and power. This is where we will begin.

About Diana

Get your boots on the ground and walk!

When you make the commitment to learn how to integrate the different gifts of the heart and mind,

you will  find the strength to live in balance facing life's challenges with "just knowing in the moment."


Featured on the
Focus on Why podcast with Amy Rowlinson

I believe that I can

use the same power that created my  very life

to create the power and safety I have longed to live.

I believe that my heart is

calling me to live from my own deepest knowings and that from my core I can know how to create a

life from within that is my divine right.

I believe joy, love, peace, power, and harmony are my right, and each becomes manifest in my relationships, financial wellness, and physical health.



"Diana uses her intuitive skills, vast knowledge, communication and culture understand to help individuals clarify their talents and skills. Her kindness and passion help people see their blind spots to reach their highest potential."

Jan Sola Ph.D.

"Diana is at once a visionary and a logical thinker. She has a way of putting things together in ways that are both revolutionary and eye opening."

Brian Lewis Ph.D

"I was Diana’s client for years. Not only did she improve my business, but she helped me transform myself into a more aware, authentic and happy person."

Dr. Mark Luttrell, Randolph Vermont

We will challenge your most negative beliefs picked up from the world as we discover your buried talents, gifts and joy. I will be your trusted mentor guiding you to the right tools at the right time to safely unravel your false identity. I will help you find  the truth of you while learning how to communicate effectively to the outside world. Your power has always been inside of you.

Private Sessions

Therapy Office

​ Once you understand the neurological facts and the historical misperceptions of sensitive people, you will learn to believe in yourself, building up core strengths and confidence by learning to trust yourself, your intuition and your beautiful heart. Each step to your inner independence will be taken with humor, grace and respect as you build life long skills.

​Empowerment Classes


Heart-based masterminds are a special place where you can create long-term relationships with like-minded friends. Together we will explore specific common challenges and how to handle them. Eventually, I want to have each group stay together long enough to create projects that help the world. These masterminds are a place for support and the celebration of victories and personal power.

A Community of Support


Corporate sessions address individuals who seem shy or sensitive and are unable to live up to their leadership potential. They are valuable members of the organizations who need special coaching to understand their sensitivity, let go of programmed fears to feel safe to express their ideas.

Corporate Sessions

Tall Buildings
Is This You


This is the strong presence within you who can guide you on your path to happiness. This is your true heart, standing tall overlooking the outside world knowing that you've got this-in good times and not so good. You are safe, confident, and peaceful because you have trained your superpowers to be your eyes and ears to the outside world. You can trust yourself always.

The HeartMath Experience


"When I feel like I don't belong in this world it's because I was born to create a new one." Let's do it together.

Adriana Perisa

The Gentle Power of Highly Sensitive People


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