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Transformational Services

Private Coaching

We will challenge your most negative beliefs picked up from the world as we discover your buried talents, gifts, and joy. I will be your trusted mentor guiding you to the right tools at the right time to safely unravel your false identity. I will help you find  the truth of you while learning how to communicate effectively to the outside world. Your power has always been inside of you.

Single package of four or twelve sessions available.

Therapy Office

Conscious Communication Training

Learn the Power of Conscious Communication. As you become confident to share your Truth, the skill and subtleties of communication you learn here will allow you to be heard loud and clear. This communication Training gives you the confidence to share the depths of who you are.

On a Video Call

Classes and Seminars

 Once you understand your special neurology and the historical misperceptions of sensitive people, you will learn to believe in yourself, build up core strengths and confidence to express yourself personally and professionally, around family, friends, significant others, and new people in your life. You will learn how very valuable you are and how you are a beneficial presence on this planet.

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A Community of Sensitives

Heart-based masterminds are a special place where you can create long-term relationships with like-minded friends. Together we will explore specific common challenges and how to handle them. Eventually, I want to have each group stay together long enough to create projects that help their communities. These masterminds are a place for support and the celebration of victories, personal power and contribution.


Corporate Sessions

Corporate sessions accomplish two things. First, leadership needs to recognize their empathic people so that their talents and gifts are not overlooked. Second, to keep the best employees in a time of mass resignations, empaths and highly sensitive people need coaching to transform their misperceptions of themselves as having mental problems and being too sensitive into the truth that they have a natural ability to sense and feel solutions, bring compassion and empathy to the organization to create a culture that has the ability to create loyalty and energy. You want to keep these people as they are loyal, caring and will energize a team once they realize their talents and gifts. Take the time to care about them and it will pay off in a big way. Let's talk.

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