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2022 The Year To Wiping Your Mental Slate Clean

2022 is the Year of the Joyful Empath and Highly Sensitive Person. Wahoo! This is my blog so I can declare good wherever I feel like it. That's my job. Sensitives are needed to be the powerful people more than ever for themselves, their community, and the world. Our inborn neurology gifted us special talents that have been mostly dormant or self-punishing. Sure, once in a while we pop great synchronicities but do we know we can live our lives in the miracle zone?

This year, we get to wipe the slate clean and begin again by engaging our hearts first instead of our logic or subconscious minds. Go there now. Does your heart say mean, restrictive things to you in the background all of the time? Never. That's your subconscious which is just a recording of the past and a defense to protect you. The only problem is, it is a robot shelling out old solutions to new problems. The other problem is that we focus too much time thinking others will teach us the answers to life and that is not true. Sure we can strike gold following another system but the outside world cannot dictate what to do because we are unique and have unique adventures, as Mike Dooley says. The sad part is we were never taught to follow our hearts, the place of love and intuition where information comes from the Universal mind, not our puny intellect of recycled thoughts. So much of the things we and others think is just old news. It is time to get acquainted with your heart, let it lead, and then apply logic.

This seems to be new news, yet extolled for centuries often in secret, saying that we are powerful beings, capable of creating with our thoughts. Well, think about it. Don't we do that anyway, every minute of the day? We think about our day, our lives, our work, our family, and in between we worry, fear inadequacy, believing there is not enough to go around so we skrimp and fear our good will be taken away The extreme believers in scarcity end up in jails, bruised, battered, or worse dead.

Let's wake up to the fact that each of us is a creative life machine, capable of great things but we must discipline ourselves to believe in our capacities, especially empaths and highly sensitive people who have an overabundance of thoughts, senses, and feelings. We have been indoctrinated to worry, fear and dread, perhaps not consciously, since the dawn of time. Our dear old limbic brain has a negativity bias that has kept us focused on watching out for Number One while expecting the other shoe to fall when things go right.

We have the most obedient, powerful computer in our heads yet we think we have no power except to manipulate and wear smiley masks while the truth is simply (yet not easy) turning our attention to the wealth of tools we have inside us. Again this is especially true for sensitive people who are equipped, when landing with a super clean focus, easier access to the Universal Mind, a shape eye, ears, and feeling that can the truth when others can't.

Empaths and highly sensitive people have been hypnotized to believe their sensitivity makes them less able to stand tall in the world yet the TRUTH IS our extra neurons called Mirror Neurons act as high-powered magnifying glasses that let us see, hear and feel better than 80% of the population. Our supercomputers give us the ability to understand people, places, and things. My greatest mission is to turn around this perception of sensitives from those who cannot deal with life and need an extra soft touch building a daily self-care regime enabling them to practice and gain confidence in their intuition, insights, and service.

My mission is the empowerment of as many sensitive people as possible so we form a gentle army of folks ready to hone their innate skills and help others to create a better world based on love and community. If the negative subconscious beliefs of sensitive people were turned upside down and each one had a moment of clarity about their inner strengths, the white flags would go up in heaven and smiles would break out across the land because these special people would be ready to help an unhappy, uneducated world. They have so much power that is needed in the workplace, in our society, and in the world. Our collective thinking about how we create good or bad must change if we are to do more than live in fear of annihilation, a restriction of freedoms, shortages, and fighting.

Empaths and Sensitives this is your year to wake up, get control of your mind, free yourself from the beliefs that you are anything but beautiful, powerful, and needed. I wish you a happy year full of investigation, self-care, awakening, and grit to challenge accepted thinking about sensitives being softies who cannot rise as leaders in this new era. We are born leaders but we lead from the heart instead of the mind, though the mind is a useful servant of the heart. We have the power to change lives and no one or nothing outside of us will ever give us the gifts of happiness, abundance, or dreams come true but us. Wipe the slate of mental chatter clean and see with clarity beyond the falsehoods that have taken away your power. You are strong, perfect, and poised to be the contributors of a new world. . Happy New You.

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