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Behind the cloak of invisibility

Some cultures hide their women behind cloaks like this. Some cultures do it invisibly with little things each day. Some cultures, maybe, many cultures or most, regard sensitivity as a female thing with no value in the world of money, power or in profit making organizations. Many cultures do not value women who are naturally compassionate unless hardened by the need to compete in a man's world. Women carry the softer side of humanity and so do men who have a deeply sensitive souls. We all carry masculine and feminine traits within us so we can live balanced lives. But sensitivity is often overlooked as a powerful skill to bring compassion and understanding to a broken world.

Look into her eyes, aren't they beautiful? What do they tell you about this woman? Do you see a depth and talents she is dying to express but is possibly blocked by her society. Can you imagine her taking that cloak off and being allowed to be free to contribute her unique gifts? Can you imagine a society that values sensitivity over violence, anger, control, manipulation and cruelty.

I believe we are working toward a world like this but to dismantle the centuries old paradigm of conquest there is going to be collateral damage. It is going to take all of us to change from the inside into more sensitive people, empathic or not.

The best thing we can all to bring a golden age of compassion is to challenge those things within us that that are not our heart's values but were taught us by society, heritage, culture and early child rearing.

Let's learn to be comfortable by removing our own masks to fit in and have the courage to be ourselves. There's a lot of work to be done on this planet. Let's hope that all the sensitives in the world get a chance to share their gifts someday. Everyone of us is needed to turn the tides.

Love is the greatest power in the Universe. Know it. Practice it.

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