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Don't You Want More Love in Your Life?

Love will protect you during these fearful times. It is the creative principle of life. Even though it is invisible, most people would agree that is the most precious thing in their lives. Some say love is life itself. It has been said to be the organizing power of the Universe, the spiritual purpose of life. It has the highest frequency and energetic vibration and it is everywhere, all of the time if we have the eyes, ears, and heart to recognize it.

When we feel love, either in a relationship, with our lover, family, precious pets or just watching a beautiful sky or sunset, we are filled with joy. It is not just the feeling of happiness but better. Happiness is dependent upon outside circumstances and is transient. Joy waits for us to find it within ourselves and can be felt, with practice, even when our worlds are falling apart. It is a deep appreciation of life itself. The more we love, the more we feel it "just because."

We are wired to feel and express love. Love is truly who we are. It's what makes life worthwhile. The more we feel it, the better our lives become, the smoother and deeper our relationships, and the more ease that we have in dealing with life's up and downs. When we are "within" love, life flows and everything can go well. Joy fills our hearts not because of any win or happy event but because it is us. Love appears and good things can come as if by magic.

Love can be fleeting as romantic love but there is so much more to know about love. When we minimize it by drawing human boundaries around it, we lose connection to the goodness of life. Love is all around and that is why the natural world takes our breath away. Try looking at a star-filled sky on a dark night without feeling the power of love and gratitude for the wonders of life itself.

Love is inside all of us and would change the world for the better if we knew and accepted that our inner reservoir of love was deep, wide, and endless. We are wired to give and receive love but the mind has been taught to usurp its power in our lives for centuries, maybe more.

Our beautiful hearts have stood by patiently waiting for a time when they could do their job to help us live from inner wisdom, insights, intuition, and faith in the goodness of life. The mind and its overdeveloped ego rules with power and force. It believes in divide and conquer and sadly, our planet and our lives are the worst for it. But you can generate love that can protect you from external chaos by going within your own heart to find the love that is waiting to direct you to a life of freedom from fear. You can grow your capacity to come from love, it just takes practice and intention.

Please sign up for my class which is not just for sensitives. During our hour together you learn practices that will help you live from your heart and replace your negativity with the joy of your true self. You might know some of these practices already but have never thought of using them to strengthen your connection to the deepest part of you. Your life cannot fail to improve if you use these tools consistently. You will learn to trust yourself, your thoughts, and your ideas. You will grow in insight and intuition which is your most trusted source of truth. Hope to see you soon. Just go to and search Loving Yourself, click on the date that you can attend, and voila, you will be able to register. Search for online events.

You are strong resilient people with gifts that you have not recognized. I promise you that living from your heart will make your life sweeter and safer.

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