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Empaths are a beneficial force on this planet, but who are they?

Who are these empaths and why do we care?

In today's world of backbiting, false news, power struggles, and nastiness are causing massive division instead of cooperation and respect. To change this scenario, we need people to step up who are naturally caring and want only peace and joy. These people are empaths and they have been invisible for too long.

Even when recognized, their value has been underappreciated because love, caring, compassion, and empathy have been seen as soft skills in a world run by competition, a belief in scarcity, power, and wealth. Caring about others and being uniters instead of dividers has been undervalued and those who stand for these values have been relegated to service but not high-level leadership positions.

I am here to tell you that a world run by empaths would be a world where there would be possible solutions to poverty, discrimination, food and water shortages, and would create opportunities for the disenfranchised.

Who are these empaths? They are 20% of the population both men and women of all ages, races, and religions. They were born with more active and possibly more mirror neurons which connect humans to people, places, and things in the outside world. These neurons translate the information from our five senses into feelings and sensations allowing us to recognize the outside world. Because empaths have extra mirror neurons that are more active, sensitive people process a great deal more information than the average person They are more sensitive to movement, body language, tone of voice, and are able to see the big picture which helps them solve problems quicker. Believe me, they are not broken, mentally ill, or egotistical. They just know what they know.

When I am in an organization I can see and feel process, structural, and relationship knots that created misunderstanding, faulty solutions, and thinking. With this superpower and the intention only to support and help I and other empaths should have important roles in organizations. The problem is that we are an unknown quantity and therefore misperceived. If allowed to do our best, we would create brilliant solutions and innovations. Unfortunately, we are seen as disturbers of the status quo and our forward-thinking ideas are quickly dismissed.

Here are more valuable contributions that empaths could make when the world is finally aware of their gifts.

  • Can negotiate better than anyone because they see the whole picture and issues before they arise. They also know how to be neutral.

  • Are dedicated to excellence and have extrasensory perceptions that can create quicker and more efficient solutions. They believe in excellence and that is what they are sometimes quite perfectionistic.

  • They care about people therefore they are powerful connectors who build teams, collaboration, and acceptance.

  • They think deeply and bring solutions that come from a more expansive perspective. Because of their ability to see the big picture and can understand the context or culture they can execute details with precision.

  • They build trust with their natural empathy and compassion. They usually have no hidden agenda.

  • They are most creative because their brains are connected to intuition which brings them ideas outside of the realm of stale, linear thinking. Many great inventors and visionaries have been empaths because their thinking was not connected to the intellect but to the bigger world of intuitive knowing.

  • These are the out-of-the-box thinkers. Steve Jobs?

  • They are honest and want to create a world that works for all.

I could go on but it is most obvious that if empaths were recognized and respected, positive change would occur. Unfortunately, they are still invisible. Why? Because until recently, there was little research or books written about them. Being chastised since childhood for being too sensitive, many learned to be quiet and keep their mouths shut and turn off their intuition. This is changing but there needs to be more programs to bring these people out of psychotherapy offices, off anti-anxiety and depression drugs, and heal many from addictions that they use to numb their intense feelings. These are not permanent solutions. Education is. Awareness of their gifts is the beginning of learning who they are and how to use their gifts not to punish themselves but contribute.

Many, many people do not recognize themselves as empaths. They need to be taught how to take care of their bodies and special gifts and be nurtured into self-confidence. They must know that there are others like them with the same likes, dislikes, skills, genius, and intentions. I was blown away when I read a book that described me as an empath but that was only 10 years ago. I suffered in silence until then and my journey of self-acceptance still goes on. I secretly thought I was just a weirdo misfit unable to function or fit into the world like others.

I encourage everyone to begin to find the people in your world who are sensitive. Instead of doubting them and telling them they don't see and feel what they see and feel, listen and hear what they are expressing. Let them know that you want to learn what they need and how they process information. Respect them and give them credit for having an ability to sense and know more than you do often. If they are important to you, learn how you can help them to share their intuitions and insights so that they can grow in self-confidence to thrive and live their purpose.

Can you spot the empaths in your life? To help you learn how to recognize them, click the button on the homepage called, "Are You an Empath?" It is a test where you will learn about their many common experiences.

My next online class on Eventbrite is called Self-Love and Self-Care for Sensitive People on November 17 from 1-2 pm PST. Please tell the empaths you know to check out the class where we will discuss our vital need to take care of ourselves before we take care of others. The link is:

I hope that you take the time to get to know these sensitive folks and help them understand that they are needed and valued.

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