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Have you ever felt like a poor little daisy in a field of brilliantly colored flowers?

Well, daisies, you are not alone. Somehow, us daisy folk have been perceived as less than spectacular next to brilliant, velvet petaled multi-colored roses or chrysanthemums. We are quieter and more subtle than the rest and sometimes it feels that we don't get the attention that the most flamboyant flowers get. It feels like we get lost, but we are who we are and we are important, so important. We more sensitive types have not been celebrated unless we become like the big, bold ones and in truth, there will never be a way to be them. And we have tried, driving ourselves to exhaustion to be like others but to no avail. We are daisies and it is about time to honor the beauty of who we are. It is time to feel good about ourselves. Our world is built on bigger and better not celebrating the gifts of sensitive flowers. Often, we hide the pain of not feeling acceptable with a huge phony smile on our face. We can be successful but inside we are empty because we are not expressing our God given talents, intuition, empathy that the world so desperately needs and we think we are the only ones who suffer living behind a mask of pretense just to fit in. We don't know each other or we are too embarrassed to admit our sensitivity. I am here to tell you that it is our time to shine. Simple beautiful daisies are needed to soften the hard edges of a world of anger, blame, violence and ugliness. Our thoughts and talents can bring back balance, sanity, love and self appreciation. But most of us, we need each other to remember that we are not alone. There are thousands of us around the world ready to throw off false beliefs about being "too sensitive" and rally with our superpowers of courage, authenticity, wisdom, insight, talent and intuition. If each of us steps up to learning to be who we are as a community, trusting that not only are we good enough but we are simply the best, there will be a huge shift toward love, respect, self responsibility. No one wants to feel anything but love yet the world has gone mad with blame, hatred and a complete lack of self reflection. So beautiful daisies, let's support the heart's calling to go inside and discover our true selves so that we can lead the world to healing, respecting nature, inventing new ways to live and nurture Mother Earth that will bring life back to our planet, our nations, and our planet. Go daisies!

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