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Money Is The Currency of Life. So Why Aren't We All Rich?

Gong Hei Fat Choy. Happy Chinese New Year! Chinese people give money in lucky red envelopes for a prosperous year. They know how important it is to have lots of money. It is truly the currency of life. What would you do without it? I have discovered a book that turns our money theories on their ears. If you find the book, it will challenge your concept about where it comes from and how it can come to you more easily. I will let you be the judge but in my heart, I know that lack and limitation are an illusion.

When we don't have enough money, we look outside ourselves to earn it, steal it or borrow it. In this new book Love Money, Money Loves You by Sarah McCrum you will find a fascinating new take on attracting and keeping money. She began writing this book when she was flat broke after the economic crash of the mid-2000s. Then one day, she began to think about money, opened her journal, and started channeling money ala Neale Donald Walsch. Thoughts about the energy of money began to pour onto the pages each day as she was opened to receiving its messages. This book is a compilation of those journal entries.

Many of us are aware that everything is energy, so why shouldn't money be the same? From quantum physicists to energy healers, spiritual seekers, and teachers to electricity that heats our houses, energy is the foundation of our lives. We know that a table is not solid but made up of slow-moving particles and that when the spirit leaves the human body at death, we turn to dust. The energy of life is just gone. Energy is primal and the core of the universe.

This revolutionary approach in this book speaks of money as caring, loving energy that wants to gift us all we want if only we would stop worrying and building terrible stories in our minds about how we will never have it, might lose it, or have to take from others because there is not enough. I think anyone who looks at the national debt (trillions) must realize there is no shortage of money. It is as plentiful as the air we breathe. Our country hasn't collapsed under its burden, maybe because there is always more. Could you imagine someone like President Kennedy coming back and seeing the30 trillion dollars national debt that we have today? He would have hit the bunkers knowing the country would soon crash and burn. But we are all still here spending away, saving, investing, and living our lives. Prices going up, stocks are being stocks, and that lucky1% of our population is enjoying the most luxurious life ever, Bitcoins and all.

So why am I introducing you to this book? I might be a little crackers but people like me and other sensitive people who provide service out of love instead of competition sometimes have a hard time getting it and keeping it. Can you relate? We have taken so many classes, follow money gurus, fake or not, and we are still wondering how to keep ourselves afloat. We function differently, we give service and kindness, and sometimes we do it for nothing because we have been told money is the root of all evil. Thank you, Bible.

Sensitive people struggle with earning money in this current economic system. I am not saying we are all just sitting around and chanting but we are not a part of the culture that competes and pushes each other out of the way to get money. And damn, we are a wonderful group of people who deserve to have plenty of it to continue to do the good work we do. Even successful business people who are sensitives have suffered from imposter syndrome believing they are not good enough to earn their spectacular incomes. Just talk to a few of them.

This book affirms that money wants to give us all that we want but we have to turn our concepts of the green stuff upside down. We cannot worry, tense up, or freak out. We need to relax and enjoy ourselves. We need to build big dreams every day, every day. We need to stay in the moment waiting and watching as money comes in, often not as expected. We need to do what we love and let our hearts open to service, kindness, and gratitude that can help others as we help ourselves. We enjoy giving it away so we should have more to give. Lots more. We are not money-centric but we can be joyful in our work, let go of worry and just care to make others' lives better. Let's stop denying that money is a natural component of a healthy life.

I couldn't resist using this St. Patty's Day decoration as the backdrop to Sarah's book because this leprechaun is diving full force into the pot of gold with madness in his eyes because he doesn't know that he can get it any other way. Maybe, we can relax and attract money a different way and be happy, relaxed and joyful? It is a new daily practice for sure but something to ponder on those nights when we can't sleep for fear that we will be homeless or at least shoeless. How grand it would be to love money into our lives instead of grinding our teeth on those sleepless nights? It would keep us from spending money on sleep aids and nightguards, for sure.

What do you think? You be the judge.

I would love to speak with you if you are ready to open your mind to empowerment. I can help you reframe your beliefs, thoughts, and actions as a sensitive about relationships, money, and health and do it in a way that allows you to relax and accept the glory of who you are.

I provide a complimentary 30-minute session to see if our goals are compatible before we choose to work together. You can sign up on my contact page. Tell your friends, as well, who are sensitives that they have a friend in me!

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