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Come Home to Your Heart

Is this a dream or could it be your experience?

You find yourself magically walking down this luscious trail. You have no idea how you got here and no idea where you're going. You are surrounded by unspeakable beauty that covers every inch of the ground and sky. The path is narrow and you have no idea where it leads but the beauty of the path draws you onward. As you take each step your stress level decreases and you forget bills, job challenges, and the complexity of living in today's world.

Something inside of you feels power and excitement that you haven't felt in years. You are relaxed yet energized and happy. Each step takes you further down this indescribable path keeping you glued to the present moment. You think to yourself, "I don't have to calculate, look at my watch or fret about anyone else. Usually, I am busy worrying about the future or regretting the past." Before this glorious adventure, you might have felt a deep emptiness or squeezed by outer circumstances wondering what life was really all about. Today you feel truly alive.

Before now, you rushed moment to moment driven by your almighty To Do List. "Go here, do this, be perfect" only to fall into bed at night exhausted to wake up the next morning to do it all again. Instead of peace greeting you upon awakening, your list, your damn list is sitting there staring at you, tapping its toe. And as you rushed into another day, coffee in hand, you do it all again, perhaps piling on more deadlines or as you secretly call them "dreadlines." Booze or other rationalized distractions might relieve your restless heart for a time but they can become problems in themselves.

After walking on this magical path for a while, you come to a fork in the road. One sign says Intellect/Ego, the other Love/Truth. Which path will you take today? When you look at the sign for Love, it is smiling at you, calling you home. When you look at the sign for Intellect/Ego it wags a finger and tells you to hurry up, "lots to do, lots to do!"

You are stopped in your tracks by an internal full-color movie that begins to play in your head. You know you're not dead but images rush past at warp speed. You see and feel your ambitions, perfection, and how you stuffed your feelings with a smile as your gut twisted in resistance to living this way. Then, all of a sudden the images changed. You see the good and kind moments of your life. The moments that gave you deep joy and purpose. Your first kiss, your first love, your child's first word, your creative expression, and your true passions. You saw the simple things in life that brought you lasting joy, those things, and experiences that warmed your heart and became treasured memories.

When the movie ends, you take a deep breath and know which path to take. You follow your heart. A smile bursts across your face. You're finally going home to yourself.

You have always had dominion and sovereignty over your choices and circumstances, but bought into the world's ideas of what success had to be. The truth has always resided within your heart giving you choices your ego could never provide. Now it is time to love yourself.

To be able to switch to heart-based living you must learn to take your focus off of the world long enough to hear that still small voice that is your inner guide. You have to challenge what the outside world says about you and what you should be doing. It takes shedding false beliefs taught to you consciously or unconsciously in childhood. Once on the road, your inner spiritual guidance system will always steer you in the right direction because it is the deepest part of you. I promise, no one knows you better and wants more for you.

Would you like to learn how to follow your heart? I can help. True Heart Training teaches people that within them are all the answers to their real selves.

Bring just one challenge to me and we'll talk it out. Go to my website: to book a complimentary half-hour with me. You will walk away with new perspectives and a greater sense of peace and possibility. When we know who we truly are our life can become a most magical adventure, as we share our gifts and live the life we were meant to live.

Please pass this on to those you know who need to unplug from the world and find their own answers. These answers lead to better relationships, finances, and health.

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