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It's Not Easy Being Green

Sometimes, I feel like Kermit's girlfriend because I feel like don't fit in. So much of my life has been governed by intense emotions and fear. I have always known I was different because I over reacted more than anyone I knew to situations that hurt my soul. And to them, these situations might have been minor but not for me. I had deeper experiences in childhood and deeper thoughts than others. I just wanted to talk about life and its complexities. I always wanted to talk about important or serious topics and philosophy, trying to find out why I didn't fit and adopt a philosophical mindset to keep me growing and moving forward.

I know that saying I am highly sensitive is not the whole story. Early childhood trauma is in the mix but when you feel your feelings more intensely than others you react and reacting is not acceptable. Until you stop speaking up and become silent and invisible. Today, children have more freedom to express their feelings, good and bad, and the parents are learning how to get to really know their child. Parents are learning how to love their kids want to shepherd them into a solid, happy adulthood. I am happy to see this but it was not to be for me.

If I really get thoughtful and think about Kermit among so many different types of personalities in his world, his happiness is based not dwelling on differences but he seems to share his goofy kindness with everyone. His mindset is giving and positive. Maybe that is why he is so beloved.

As an empath whose fears controlled her life, I have made it my lifework to learn how to be happy and bring back the good life I once had. I follow my passion and one of those passions is being truthful with you about my life. Many people are very unhappy and scared, trapped by their thinking to believe the bad will repeat itself. It is a life's work to catch these thoughts before they influence you into giving up your dreams or going back to a terrible situation because nothing else has shown up.

It is not easy being green, but I am green and must continue to find ways to love my greenness and know I feel safe in the multicolored world. I don't mean race or skin color, I mean people that might not have as much consciousness as me. It is just my green fur that makes me believe I am different. The key is to accept everyone for who they are and let the judgement go. Listening to the voice in my head will take me down, but gratitude and just plain intending to be happy turns the ship around. The trick is staying conscious when it begins to creep back in. No day is easy, there are always things to be anxious about these days, but when I remember to let the feelings and thoughts go that play into my fears, I learn that I am in charge of my brain and am retraining it to serve me, not the other way around

Here's the kicker: I have been the one keeping love and abundance at bay. Now it is time to open to it all and believe, even when there is no evidence, that my life is changing.

I work with sensitive people to unravel what has gotten in their way. I am a detective to ferret out what they believe that isn't working and replace it with the truth of their brilliant selves. I am good at it for others but still struggle for myself, but alas, that is usually the way with teachers and wayshowers. They are the pathfinders who lead the way where there is no way. All the best on your journey the Truth within you.

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