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Young people follow your own path

Young people these days, whether in high school or college are having a hard time understanding their place in the world. It's a scary world which is changing more rapidly every day because of technology. No more 9-5's with a golden parachute at the end of 30 years. This new generation have been so tuned to listening to the outside voices of their teachers, parents and social media, that they don't know who they are and what they want.

These times are so unstable that many are just going for the money for safety and creating terrible stress to get into the best schools to get the best jobs. But is this going to serve them in the long run? I, too, followed the crowds believing money and success would bring happiness, but often I failed to achieve it because it was not mine to achieve. It was not my real dream or path.

I had to learn who I was and what my heart wanted. I know it is scary to find your own path in the world of millions of media messages that say you have to look a certain way, do a certain thing and change who you are. These are lies. the truly successful people in the world followed their own paths. People such as Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Oprah and millions of others trusted themselves and their ideas and resisted following the crowd.

We each have a unique gift inside ourselves that the world needs and wants. Learn to follow your inner compass to what lights you up and then trust that still small voice within until you achieve it or are directed to something even better. We get to change course many times in our life and our intuition will guide us when new doors open to even more fulfillment.

Be confident that you have all you need to succeed. Is a billion dollars really going to buy you happiness? Many people achieve great success and are unhappy and unhealthy. Listen to your gut, get to know who you are and what you want. It takes courage, passion and self confidence to forge your own path, but it will pay off in happiness, satisfaction and often great success. It is an everyday practice to stand for yourself, but it will build the inner strength you need to find your life your way.

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